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146 U.S. Levees May Fail In Flood

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The Army Corps of Engineers has identified 146 levees nationwide that it says pose an unacceptable risk of failing in a major flood.  After Katrina, Congress directed the corps and FEMA, which administers federal flood insurance, to identify at-risk levees. The corps inspects about 2,000 levees nationwide, mostly larger ones.  The deficiencies, mostly due to poor maintenance, are forcing communities from Connecticut to California to invest millions of dollars in repairs.


Thousands of levees are spread across every state. They range from miles-long levees protecting major cities to small berms shielding crops. Many were built by the corps and turned over to local authorities, which are responsible for maintaining them.  The corps does not want to release the list of the 146 places where levees have been identified as inadequate until all levees are inspected and all communities with faulty levees are notified.

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